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brief thoughts on John Tyner refusing to be porno-scanned and groped by folks in uniform

First, much respect to John Tyner for recording the events as he was hassled by Lindbergh Field's TSA in the name of "security," and decided not to take it.

I am still baffled to find people supporting these excessive procedures.

If safety outweighs personal privacy, should I expect to have my home searched on a regular basis as well? I might be working on a dirty bomb. There is equal evidence that I will try to bring down an airplane.

Ah, but I don't *have* to fly, do I? A dirty bomb would only be used in a densely populated area. I don't have to live in a densely populated area, right?

Cavity searches really are the next step. The porno-scanners don't read through skin, nor do the TSA rubdowns. Guess where I'm hiding my C4.

In the Union Tribune article regarding the situation, Michael J. Aguilar, chief of the TSA office in San Diego, said that Tyner could face penalties of up to eleven-thousand dollars - I am still not clear what he is guilty of that would warrant such a thing. Trying to get out of the way when it is clear he does not want to proceed further? Sounds like he was saving their resources.

Aguilar also seems to be concerned that Mr. Tyner's behavior was intentional. Does that matter? Should the TSA have done things differently knowing he was trying to make a point or just trying to catch a plane unmolested?

brief thoughts on the house that burned down for lack of a $75 payment

Lots of people are outraged over the firefighters' lack of action over a homeowner missing a $75 subscription to fire protection service.

Are the same people upset about not having healthcare available for people who don't pay? How is it different?

The homeowner said, "I'm no freeloader, I've worked all my life for everything I've got. It happens to anybody, I don't care, you forget things and I did. I suffered the consequences for it."

He made it clear that he understood the way this capitalistic system works. So should we now ignore him? Or change the system?

What if he had not been forgetfulness or irresponsibility, but an inability to pay? Would there still be outrage?

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