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North Mississippi Allstars – Shake ‘Em On Down

A co-worker mentioned how he digs the Allman Brothers, which reminded me of these guys. It’s been a while since I’d listened to the North Mississippi Allstars, and realized that such a thing is a horrible mistake to make. When I first heard their sound, all I could think was that they should be huge, and it bothered me that more people didn’t know about them. Great rocking blues, with some Allman Brothers styling, but sweatier, dirtier, and nastier. From their 2000 album Shake Hands With Shorty, this is the greatest song ever (at least for today), Shake ‘Em On Down.

Manu Chao's Bongo Bong may be the greatest song ever, at least for today

This is silly and fun, while musically brilliant. Quick, press play!

You can find it on Putumayo's compilation of children's music, World Playground, and well as Manu Chao's own Clandestino.

Tearing up for Portugal. The Man and Black Adder

The doctors said that after heart surgery, I might react to things more emotionally than before. For the most part, that hasn't been true.

However, there's a song by Portugal. The Man that may be the greatest song ever recorded (at least for today): "People Say" from their wonderful and flowing 2009 album The Satanic Satanist, the line "all the soldiers say it'll be alright, we can make it through the war if we make it through the night" hits me a strange and powerful way.

I can't help thinking about the denial of hopelessness conveyed by it. I tear up a little bit. Part of that is because I am reminded of the last scene from Black Adder Goes Fourth, and that I am a sap.

The Fiery Furnaces - Tropical Ice-Land

This may be the greatest song ever recorded (at least for today), and can be quite earwormy.

It orignally showed up on their 2003 album Gallowsbird's Bark in a slightly different form - less electronic and a bit mellower - but this version is from the 2005 release, EP

I wish I was cool enough for this to be my theme song

This may be the greatest song ever recorded (at least for today).

It's called "off Road" - you can find it and mildly odder tracks on United Future Organization's self titled 1994 album at a significantly more listenable sample rate.

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