Chinese instrumentation Naive Melody

Well, mostly traditional Chinese instrumentation on this Talking Heads number - there is an upright bass in there, along with Guzheng, Erhu, and Ruan.

Their Kickstarter project, China Meets Matteo, is to release an album of original music composed and recorded in China. Yes, I am a backer.

Bluegrassy Toxic

Here's San Diego's excellent bluegrass act Nickel Creek covering Britney Spears' "Toxic."

Dig some klezmer hip-hop

Do ya like hip-hop? How about klezmer? I'm guessing you might dig about half of that - maybe it's one style, or maybe half of both. Try on this jazzy melding of styles:

It's the title track from their 2010 album, Tweet-Tweet.

Totally not a Walking Dead spoiler

The close of The Walking Dead season two brings this to mind.

From Shonen Knife's 1993 album, Let's Knife.

Ghuzheng "Rolling In The Deep"

Now this is just outstanding. I really dig this version of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" as played on a traditional Chinese zither, called a ghuzeng.

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