I wish I was cool enough for this to be my theme song

This may be the greatest song ever recorded (at least for today).

It's called "off Road" - you can find it and mildly odder tracks on United Future Organization's self titled 1994 album at a significantly more listenable sample rate.

April Smith and the Great Picture Show "Colors"

This may be the greatest song ever (at least for today).

Seriously, there is nothing wrong with what April Smith and the Great Picture Show do on this thing. You know when you get an earworm, and no matter how much you normally dig it, you really want it to go away?

That does not apply to "Colors." It gets stuck in my head, and I'm okay with it; it makes my day better.

I love the old-timey style, the accordion, the strangely makeshift sounding percussion, and even kazoo.

On their album Songs For A Sinking Ship, it's easy to see how they can cite The Beatles, Queen, Edgar Allen Poe and Wes Andersen as influences: there's a darkness in their wit, and cleverness in their gloom, all with something strangely upbeat supporting their sound.

Koto Lateralus

I'm not sure how I missed this amazingly beautiful koto version of Tool's "Lateralus" until my buddy Steve recently hipped me to it.

There doesn't seem to be much information about the artist available beyond what's in the YouTube comments (where the arranger also gets into the math of the song). Unfortunately, one of those bits of information is that there isn't a version of this available beyond this video. Yet.

Thanks, Steve. I'm glad to know this exists.

Quien es mas macho? (mustachioed edition)

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