Koto Lateralus

I'm not sure how I missed this amazingly beautiful koto version of Tool's "Lateralus" until my buddy Steve recently hipped me to it.

There doesn't seem to be much information about the artist available beyond what's in the YouTube comments (where the arranger also gets into the math of the song). Unfortunately, one of those bits of information is that there isn't a version of this available beyond this video. Yet.

Thanks, Steve. I'm glad to know this exists.

Quien es mas macho? (mustachioed edition)

I finally get Radiohead.

It took an oboe trio to do it, but I finally get Radiohead. Threed's version of "Paranoid Android" is full of wonderful old-timiness.

Check it out:

You can find it (and a couple of other covers) on their album Unraveled.

Perhaps the folks over at Radiohead should incorporate more woodwind in future recordings.

Ukrainian "Du Hast"

Apparently I've gone into some Ukrainian music a couple of times before: covering Katy Perry and The Smiths. I can assure that this repetition is only to keep me from posting nothing but humppa versions of everything I can get my ears on.

If you ever find yourself in Lugansk, you might be able to track down Subito, a pop band who tends to use some traditional instrumentation. In their version of Rammstein's "Du Hast," you'll note quite appropriate use of an accordion for the part in the original that I normally think of as the telephone touch-tones, as well as an electric balalaika.

Legend is that they used real miners in the video.

Quien es mas macho? (grizzled edition)

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