I finally get Radiohead.

It took an oboe trio to do it, but I finally get Radiohead. Threed's version of "Paranoid Android" is full of wonderful old-timiness.

Check it out:

You can find it (and a couple of other covers) on their album Unraveled.

Perhaps the folks over at Radiohead should incorporate more woodwind in future recordings.

Ukrainian "Du Hast"

Apparently I've gone into some Ukrainian music a couple of times before: covering Katy Perry and The Smiths. I can assure that this repetition is only to keep me from posting nothing but humppa versions of everything I can get my ears on.

If you ever find yourself in Lugansk, you might be able to track down Subito, a pop band who tends to use some traditional instrumentation. In their version of Rammstein's "Du Hast," you'll note quite appropriate use of an accordion for the part in the original that I normally think of as the telephone touch-tones, as well as an electric balalaika.

Legend is that they used real miners in the video.

Quien es mas macho? (grizzled edition)

Disco Bollywood "Video Killed The Radio Star"

This may be the most important thing ever. It's a Hindi version of The Buggles' "Video Killed The Radio Star." And it's disco. It's from the 1982 musical Disco Dancer.

So there's that.

Two more years of immortality

This date means much more to me than my birthday, and almost as much as my wedding anniversary.

Two years ago this hour, I was being shaved and dyed yellow, in anticipation of having my ribs cracked and my squishy internal parts moved around (the shaving I understand, but I'm pretty sure that being tinted yellow was just because they thought that operating on a Simpson would be funnier). The next six weeks were the most misery I have ever experience. Now, with the support of my family - especially my wife, I can quite truthfully say I feel better than I ever have in my life.

The true and harrowing story of my heart surgery may be found here, in reverse chronological order. I could barely sit up long enough to type those posts.

I must say that science pretty much rocks, as I am still here.

Most of my scars have faded.

I have actual muscle tone now, which seems a bit strange.

I've been exercising, which is a new experience for me. In the time since the surgery, I've gone from needing help with getting out of bed and being told not to lift anything heavier than five pounds to riding around the San Diego Bay a couple of weeks ago with my dad (and an average of five heart bypasses each), and I'm pretty sure we could have done the route a couple more times without any trouble.

I had a drastic drop in weight immediately following the surgery. Then I put it back on. And continued. My doctor showed me a graph: Tap. "Here's your weight when you first came in." Tap, a bit below where that first mark was "Here where you were following the procedure. And this," dragging his finger upward across the page, higher and higher, past the starting point, and almost to the top of the page, "is how much you've gained since. So the good news is, you got your appetite back." He told me to lose weight.

I came back a month and a half later. He greeted me with a shocked, "You lost weight?"

I said, "yeah, you told me I should."

"But I tell that to a lot of people, and it doesn't happen."

So he proceeded to ask me questions, try to get into my head to figure out what it was that kept me disciplined with what I was eating and how much exercise I got, so that he could motivate other patients.

What it came down to is that for those people, it was theory. I had fairly concrete evidence of what can happen. To them, they *might* have a heart attack, they *might* need surgery. I know exactly what happens. Having a heart attack can be quite motivating, but not really the sort of thing I can recommend.

I'd really like to stave off the next one, whether it's heart attack or surgery (the surgeon even considered that I probably would have another operation when she selected which vein to move, so that there would be another one available for next time) for as long as I can.

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